Helpful Prayers
A Prayer For All Those Who Live Alone

Almighty God, whose Son had nowhere to lay his head:
Grant that those who live alone may not be lonely in their solitude,
but that following in the steps of Jesus,
they may find fulfilment in loving you
and be fulfilled through their friends and church family;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
A Prayer for the Elderly

Loving Heavenly Father, look with mercy on all whose increasing years
bring them weakness, distress, or isolation.
Provide for them homes of dignity and peace;
give them understanding helpers,
and the willingness to accept help;
and as their strength diminishes,
increase their faith and their assurance of your love.
This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
A Prayer for those who are caught up in addiction
Lord Jesus, I put myself into Your hands this day.
I ask You with all my heart to cure the terrible addiction
to alcohol / drugs in (name the person).
Create in them an intolerance for alcohol / drugs
that will prevent them hurting themselves or those who love them;
and grant their loved ones the grace
to forgive them for all the hurt they have caused.
Through the power of the Holy Spirt and the mighty name of Jesus.
I also pray that they will be healed
of all withdrawal symptoms of this terrible affliction.
I sincerely ask this, in the name of Jesus. Amen
A Prayer for Others
Hear me Lord on behalf of all those near and dear to me,
all I have in mind at this moment,
be near them in all their anxieties and worries.
Give then the help of your saving grace.
I commend them to you with trustful confidence to your merciful love,
And remember Lord, all who are mindful of me,
all who have asked me to pray for them.
Remember all who have been kind to me,
all who have wronged me and all whom I have wronged by ill-will or misunderstanding.
Give all of us grace to bear with each others faults and burdens.
And we make this prayer in the precious name of Jesus Christ; Amen
A Prayer for the church to fulfil its mission
Lord Jesus Christ, you have given your Church
the mission to proclaim the Gospel to all the nations. 
Help us to begin this day to follow your commandment
to share the good news about Jesus. 
May we be faithful witnesses to the love of Jesus
that we know in our own lives. 
May we speak words of kindness and grace,
that touches lives and draws others to you. 
Help us to communicate to others the joy that we have received.
Help us to speak boldly whenever we have the opportunity to do so,
and may your Spirit go before us opening up conversations
and giving us wisdom to know what to say and how to say it.
Teach us to remain respectful of others,
but to be bold disciples.
In Jesus name we pray: Amen
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